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Mobile Pizza Catering Ideas

An event catered with a mobile pizza oven offers an opportunity to make the most of being outdoors. If you want your event to be very casual, assembling a few plastic garden chairs is all that is required. But if you would like to create a truly memorable occasion, consider turning your backyard, park or other outdoor area into a magical space.

Lights for Mood
Roamin Pizza Outdoor Catering 4

Simple things like stringing coloured lanterns between trees can have a big impact. Use a combination of twinkly lights and lanterns. To form a wall of twinkly lights, erect two posts and string cascading lights between the two poles in horizontal rows. Or hang your string of fairy lights in vertical rows from a high tree branch. For outdoor stair areas, place battery-operated candles inside transparent paper bags or place tea lights in jars, one or two on each step. Tea lights can also be placed in jars and hung from tree branches. Simply wind some wire around the neck or the jar and hang (avoiding any fire risks or course!)

Drinks with Style

Serve your drinks in jam jars. The latest trend in drinking vessels can be easily found at party shops or dollar shops. Tie a ribbon or raffia around the jar to dress it up. Add cocktail umbrellas and fruit pieces for more fun. Place bottled drinks in shallow plywood boxes – the kind that are traditionally used to transport champagne. This is another item that can be picked up cheaply from dollar shops or large discount stores.

Lolly stand

Use a card table or similar, cover with a brightly colour table cloth or fabric and make it a lolly stand by adding jars with sweets. Try offering some old fashioned lollies or American or British favourites that you wouldn’t normally find in your local convenience store.

Blankets and CushionsRoamin Pizza Outdoor Catering 6

Always provide blankets for guests both to sit on and wrap themselves in when the temperature drops. A simple wooden chair or table
with a pile of folded blankets can look sweet. Cushions are another important item to provide. Ideally floor cushions are best but a blanket with multiple smaller cushions in coordinating fabrics will also look inviting and provide a comfortable way to sit on the ground.

Tents and Teepes

Kids love teepees and when you add a couple to a backyard event, the gRoamin Pizza Outdoor Catering 2arden is instantly transformed into camping fun for younger ones. For adults a larger tent can be used as a warm place if the event is held in winter or the place to set up the dining table. Cover the tent in colorful fabric for a dreamy look and make sure the inside is filled with cosy items like pillows and blankets if it’s a chill out area for a winter event.

Photobooth Fun

Hang a large empty frame from a tree branch to make an instant photo stop. Provide some kooky dress-up clothes or fun accessories like hats, wigs, pipes, moustache glasses. Everyone has a phone on their camera so no special photography equipment is required.

Glow in the Dark Games

There are a number of games that are made from glow-in-the-dark materials including quoits, boules, naughts and crosses.

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