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Are all Wood Fired Ovens the same?

How to choose the best woodfired oven for catering?

When it comes to wood-fired ovens there are many on the market and all cook a little differently. When choosing a cater you want to make sure they are using a commercial woodfired oven. As this is going to give you the best result. Unfortunately many mobile operators just use domestic wood-fired ovens which don’t really cater for large numbers. As they just don’t hold the heat in the base. So when looking for a mobile wood-fired pizza operator a good question to ask is; their oven a commercial oven or domestic. Some domestic ovens are good for the small group and give you a great result. But bear in mind they are not made for catering for large groups.

Also for event organizer wood-fired, you want to especially make sure that your wood fired pizza operator is using a commercial oven, this is particularly important during the peak times.