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Advertise your Event to Food Trucks

Having been in the pizza mobile catering Brisbane and food Truck business for quite some time now and have learnt what it takes to market an event to attract the best food trucks to your event.

What is the size of your event

Firstly give a good indication of the number of people expected to attend.  If the event has been run in previous years you would be able to use these numbers.  If it is the first time running this type of event then you can only give an estimate.

How Many food trucks are you expecting

This is a really important question that should be communicated.  It is easy enough to break it down into how many you would like of the following Savory or Dessert food.  Generally, one food truck for 500 people is a good number to work on.   Over catering with food trucks could impact negatively on your event and detract from the best food trucks applying again.  There also can be a temptation to double up on certain foods, if you are going to do this explain this upfront so it is clear to everyone involved at least way there are no surprises on the day.  In my opinion, it is always better to go for variety than double up.

Site Fee

Determining what to charge each of the food trucks is very important.   Deciding if it going to be a flat site fee or a percentage of sales.  When deciding on this you could consider the following, how long does the event go for, is it a daytime event, night time event or goes over both.  If there is only a short selling period then a modest fee should be applied, if there is a longer selling period fee then you may be able to charge slightly higher.  Food always has a higher price tag compared to say coffee or an ice cream so maybe you could consider doing a different pricing structure for these types of businesses.


Explain what the marketing strategy will be  to get people to the event

Wet Weather Policy

Always be clear on this pertaining to the refund of fees


Follow this and you will attract good quality food to your events like Wedding Catering in Brisbane.

If you would like to talk further about this please phone me on 1300433341

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