wood fired pizza facts
Why is Pizza So Popular

Have you ever thought why pizza is so popular and what some of the facts are? Five billion pizza are sold every year with that fact it is safe to say it is the most popular takeaway foods.  Pizza can be cooked in many ways, one of the most popular ways to have it cooked is in a woodfired oven.

It is so popular for a couple of reasons, firstly it is easy to eat and no cutlery required. Secondly, you can eat on your own or in groups.  And because you start with a flat pizza base almost anything can go on it. Pizza caters to a wider audience from kids, teenagers, university students and grown adults. For those that are price conscious, it can provide value for money. It can be sold as a slice if your looking for a quick snack or whole if you are feeding a few.

The most popular pizza in the world is the pepperoni pizza. Here in Australia, the Hawaiian Pizza takes out the number one spot. However, the question always arises should pineapple be put on Pizza?

Did you know in the world of Instagram, one of the most hashtag items is #pizza 34 834 359 000. I think this is a good indication of its popularity

The average size of a pizza in Australia is 28 cm and in America is 30 cm.

There are many ways in which to get your pizza, having it home delivered is one of these and is gaining in popularity. Over recent years we have seen the increase in popularity of the mobile wood-fired pizza ovens that come and provide pizza catering in your backyard or place of work

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