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Cooking in a Wood Fired Oven

How to cook in the oven?

I quite often get asked about cooking in the oven, so if you won a oven here are some handy tips

  • If you haven’t cooked in your oven for a a few weeks allow at least 2-3 hours to heat up your oven.
  • Use a good quality Hardwood like ironbark as this wood burns long and hot
  • Make sure your wood is dry, a lot of people will tell you their wood is dry if it’s not dry you will produce a lot of smoke ( Not good on the neighbours) about 22% moisture content.
  • Invest in a digital temperature gauge your cooking should be about 350 degrees
  • move your fire to the back or side at least 20 minutes prior to cooking
  • to test the surface you can through some flour on it and see how fast it burns
  • keep a good flame going this is what grills the top of the pizza
  • Remember everything cooks at different temperatures, so pizza is different from a roast.

If you would like some lessons about cooking in a wood fired oven please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with our consultation service.