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How to Choose a Wood Fired Pizza Caterer

  1. How long they have been in the business
  2. How was my enquire hadled was it professional did they do what they said they were going to do.
  3. What Type of pizza do you want as this will vary between operators some offer a 9″ pizza which is enough for one person other offer a large pizza which is enough to share
  4. How do I like my pizza topped do I like plenty of topping or do I like minimal topping (some claim to be traditional italian)
  5. Food safety is very important so how is the food stored is it in eskies or is it in refridgeration for long events refrigeration would be much better as eskies loose there effect from being continiously open
  6. How long is the service and do I get charged extra if they stay longer
  7. Will the trailer fit into my location
  8. Is it wood fired or gas fired
  9. Is all there food prepared in a commercial kitchen
  10. What is provided
  11. If you have a large crowd can they cope with feeding the crowd
  12. How many pizza can the oven cook at a time this will give you a good indication on whether they can feed the crowd in a timely manner
  13. Do they have Public Liabilty insurance and a full food license not just a temporary License something you should ask to see.