pizza catering by Roam'in Pizza
Pizza Catering

When it comes to catering for parties, celebrations, charity fund-raising events, corporate and cultural events, sporting events and even outdoor weddings, one rarely thinks of pizzas – until recently when mobile pizza catering has gained increasing popularity.

We’re not talking about commercial pizzas being bulk-delivered in boxes to go cold and dry out before they’re eaten. Ours are fresh, wholesome pizzas cooked on-location right at the venue in a purpose-built wood-fired pizza oven. This takes most people by surprise because of the awesome flavors, the speed of service and the ambiance created by the seductive aroma of quality pizzas being cooked the old-fashioned traditional way.

One of the most appealing aspects of pizza catering is the simplicity of having desirable, nutritious food supplied, cooked and served efficiently on-site without the function organizers or their guests having to do anything except relax and enjoy the experience. And to top it all off, there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. What could be better than that?

All of the feedback we have received from our customers and their guests has been positive – the superior quality and taste of our wood-fired pizzas, the exceptional service, the very reasonable cost and the novelty of the whole mobile pizza catering concept. “We’ve never experienced anything like this before…..” is a typical comment made by many of our customers. The satisfaction of the guests at these functions is a great accolade and source of pride to their hosts.

We are now regular caterers to annual events which are often re-booked months in advance, such is the reputation our pizzas and our service have achieved over our five years of operation. Roam’In Pizza has been developed as a franchise, with all of our franchisees receiving comprehensive training in food preparation, highest standards of hygiene, outstanding customer service, occupational health and safety, compliance with council by-laws and food and beverage industry regulations, and adherence to proper food catering protocol.

Typical catering venues range from suburban backyard parties to major sporting venues, school and college campuses, regional shows and holiday parks.

Roam’In Pizza is not a pre-packaged food delivery company. Our food is completely prepared at the catering venue from fresh ingredients in full view of our customers, which adds an extra element of satisfaction to the whole experience. Watching your food being cooked in this manner is a fascinating and even spell-binding experience for many. Our objective is not just to tantalize your taste buds, but to make life easy for you – at an affordable price, and make your catered event a long-lasting, pleasant memory.